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About ANSA


What is ANSA?

The Association of Nurses in Substance Abuse was formed in 1983 as an interest group for nurses working in drug and alcohol services. Since then these services have undergone many changes and have rapidly expanded. These changes have raised many issues and topics for discussion by ANSA members.

In the early stages of ANSA many nurses worked in unsupported and isolated situations and, as a single professional organisation, ANSA was often the only support system available. Very few people are now isolated and the development of drug and alcohol services has heralded a multidisciplinary approach to drug and alcohol problems. ANSA has reflected this change by welcoming workers from other disciplines as associate members of the organisation.

As a membership organisation, ANSA members elect a national coordinating committee to represent their interests and to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. ANSA acts as an advisory service to health and social care bodies and institutions, imparting specialist information on drug and alcohol related issues to the government and a number of advisory committees.

What do we do?

ANSA activities include local one and two day conferences and training events, regular branch meetings with speakers, discussions and social events throughout the UK. We also offer a web site which includes a free online discussion forum.

How can I support ANSA?

If you support the aims of ANSA you may wish to become a member. Please see the Join ANSA section for more details.